Cool Summer Find - The Sheer Georgette Blouse and Shirt

I am the kind of woman who likes to have a few staples when it comes to bottoms. A few pairs of trousers, some jeans, a few pairs of sweats (for those busy frumpish days), a few skirts in different lengths and a some capris. All of these can fit in my closet with ease. However, I am a top gal. I have so many blouses, tanks, tees, pullovers, sweaters, you name it. So of course, when I go shopping I am always checking for what new styles are out there for tops. Since the weather is heating up on the Mid-Atlantic, I need a few sheer tops to go along with my spaghetti strap tanks.

During my search, I stumbled upon the quite fetching sheer georgette blouse amd shirt at Avenue/Jessica London combo site. First thing that I loved when I watched the runway for these tops is that plus-size models were wearing them. They also had a chest! I always like to see how button downs look on curvy who have a large chest like myself. Face it ladies, those of us with large chests tend to have to purchase buttons downs a size larger than our pullover tops. We face such issues as fabric straing across the bust and the ever embarrassing gaping centers exposing our lacey bras underneath. Of course we can always wear such tops open and cinch at our waists with a belt, but that should be a style option not the way we have to wear our shirts. But I digress...

I love the look of these two georgette button-downs. They are sheer, but not slutty. They still look lady-like when worn with a matching tank or cami underneath and complementary bottoms. The light, airy feel of these tops inspire me to blow out my hair so I can be free-fro'ing during the summer. If you are thinking about adding any of these lovelies to your summer wardrobe this year the blouse is $59.99 to $69.99 and the shirt goes for $49.99 to $54.99  in sizes 12W to 32W at Jessica London.

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