The Bowler and Porkpie Are the Hottest Hats for Spring 2011

For spring and summer women tend to wear straw or large floppy hats. However, the ladies and the men may be sharing hats this season as the men's bowler and porkpie are the hottest hat trends for spring 2011. The bowler made a huge impact on fashion for both men and women during the Spring 2011 shows. This stylish hat looks great when worn with a nicely tailored suit but Ralph Lauren gave us ladies other options.

Bowlers in shades of brown and tan were paired with white rustic, western looking dresses and cowboy themed clothing at Ralph Lauren's spring 2011 show last September. This gave women more style options for wearing the bowler. With the sexy white dress being a major fashion trend for spring/summer 2011 a lighter tan or brown bowler may give you a sexy edge that will make heads turn and mouths water.

While not a major trend for women the porkpie hat has made comeback in men's fashion thanks in large part to John Galliano. This standard jazz hat looks great with the casual suit. Women may want to take a shot at this style of hat as well with pastel shades of this hat coming onto the scene as well.

Whether it be the bowler or the porkpie, men and women are sure to look stylish this spring. Play around with different looks to make your own trend happen or follow the tried and true style pairings for these hats. Just have fun and wear these and any trend with confidence.

Catch you later lovelies!

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