Summer Make-up Ingredients

I know it is summer and you still want to look cute but you can not wear the same makeup you wore during the winter. Heck it may even be too hot to wear the makeup you wore this spring! Now is the time to lighten the load. A full face is impractical for summer. I don't care what the experts say, even the sweat, smear, smudge, hailstorm proof makeup will melt during a heat wave when the humidity raises the heat index over 100 degrees. Even your mineral makeup will disappear once you begin to sweat.

So what is there to do? Well by now everyone should know we need to wear sunscreen when we go outside from the brightest white-out white to the darkest onyx, YOU NEED SUNSCREEN! OK? Good. Now you need to pick and choose your battles when it comes to picking coverage that hides your "flaws and all". Pick one or the other a tinted moisturizer with SPF or a mineral foundation with SPF. Wear one or the other only on your face. No primer, heavy concealer, bronzer, blush or face powder. I know this could be scary but your skin needs to breath and you need to not have noticeable streaks on your face from were your makeup trickled down your face along with your sweat.

Choose a sheer lip gloss, tinted lip balm or clear lip gloss for your lips. Pigment intense lip color will find every little line around your mouth. Plus, we drink more when it is hot which means lip color will fade, smear and smudge. Sheer glosses won't be so noticeable if some of it wears off.

Leave cream shadows alone. They will crease and fade in the heat. Apply powdered eyeshadow with a brush instead of a sponge applicator for lighter coverage. Waterproof mascara is a must for the summer. Eyeliner is a tricky thing for summer. If you have oily skin like I do, somehow your eyeliner will find a way give you a heroine-chic look without you realizing it. If the junkie look is not your thing leave the eyeliner alone.

Let's recap:
  1. Tinted moisturizer or mineral powder foundation with SPF for face
  2. Sheer lip gloss, clear lip gloss or tinted lip balm - OK you can wear flavored kinds as well
  3. Powder eyeshadow applied with a brush
  4. waterproof mascara
Those are your four ingredients for light summer make-up. You choose your own shades of color. Now that you have the ingredients for light summer make-up why not find out The Ingredients for a Cool Summer Wardrobe?

Image # 1 (c) 2008 Jörg Weingrill via wikimedia
Image #2 (c) 2006 Andres Hernandez via wikimedia
Image #3 (c) 2006 Ruth Ellison via wikimedia
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