Can I Get A Rain Check?

Hello, my lovelies!

I get my budget shopping gene from my Aunt Shirley. This woman will not go shopping for anything without checking the store circular or weekly ad, clipping coupons, and making sure she has her rewards cards on hand. I remember hearing her talk about rain checks. For years I never asked what a rain check was. After I found out, I realized the rain check is a game changer for in-store shopping.

Adult Acne Sufferers, MD Complete May Be Your Answer To Clearer Skin

Hey, lovelies!

I am 41 and still suffer from adult acne. I mean I had it in my teens, it stopped around my mid-twenties. Then I hit my late thirties and adult acne came to lay claim to my face. I found a product that kept my acne under control but it was not yet able to combat acne after taking antibiotics and being under stress as quickly as I would like it to. So, when the chance arrived to partner with MD Complete, who claimed they could tackle adult acne related to stress, I was ready to test it out.

Use Your Store Program Points to Purchase Luxury Skincare

Hello there, lovelies!

In my first luxury for less post, I am going to discuss using your store program points to purchase luxury skincare. I use the term 'Store Program Points' because every store calls their rewards or points programs by different names. I want to show you how you can make the most of them by using the programs I use most often as an example.

Let's Talk About Saving on High-End and Luxury Skincare This July

Hello there, Lovelies!

This July is devoted to skincare. I know I talk about skincare a lot. However, skincare is serious business and actually deserves discussing throughout the year. This month, I want to discuss how I save on high-end and luxury skincare.

Getting Back to Basics By Having 'Me Time' With Yardley Soaps

Hey, Lovelies!

I don't travel down memory lane often, but sometimes things will trigger some of that nostalgia within me. I have been having those moments of nostalgia for a few weeks due to a partnership with a brand I haven't used since my teen years, Yardley London. This brand has brought back some wonderful memories and has helped me carve out some much needed me time in the process.

#MakeupMonday Going Over My Final Most Popular Look from #MakeupMay

Good Day, Lovelies!

This is the final post for #MakeupMondays in June! This is the fourth most popular look based upon Instagram likes during #MakeupMay. Unlike the previous posts, I am just going over the look. There is no video for it. I did say this might happen depending upon how I felt. This week my sinusitis and Flo hit me at once. So, ya girl was not feeling it last week. Now let's get on to the lewk.

Inexpensive Ways to Improve the Quality of Your Beauty Visuals

Hey, Lovelies!

This post is a little different from what I tend to write. You know at times I like to teach some things I've picked up over the past year. For this, I want to give you a few tips on how to improve the beauty visuals that you post on social media and your blogs. These are not pro tips, these are more like broke girl hacks stumbled upon along the way.

#MakeupMonday is All About That Summer Glow

Hey, lovelies!

Summer officially begins this week! So, my third most popular look from my Makeup May Instagram challenge is a good one to welcome the season. This popular look is an easy summer glow that does not require foundation. So you get to glow up without weighing your skin down. Plus, I felt this day glow needed a nighttime companion. I will introduce the evening summer glow later on in the post. Now, are you ready to glow up?

Yes, The Carters Dropped a New Video on YouTube and an Album on Tidal

You don't need to know much else so just watch and enjoy the debauchery and iconic fashions (for my die-hard fashion enthusiasts).

#TeaTuesday Why Are People Underwhelmed by the Aaliyah for MAC Collection Dropping June 20th?

Hey, Lovelies!

Okay. I have kind of stayed away from beauty news for a minute but I have been reading and hearing mumblings and grumblings about the Aaliyah for MAC collection debuting June 20th. This is the collaboration MAC did with her family at the petitioned request of her fans. Some of the same fans who are mumbling and grumbling right now. I think people are missing a very crucial element of this collection. That is the fact that it is dated. Yes, I said it. But I did not mean it in a bad way.

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