The Flip Side of the #DisruptAging Movement in the Beauty Industry

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"It's been a long time. I shouldn't have left you without a blog post to inspire you." Okay, enough of my Aaliyah and Timbaland moment. I've been wanting to write about the "Disrupt Aging", "Stop saying for her age", etc., campaigns that have been popular since the summer of 2018. I do get the sentiment behind it. I understand how telling someone they look good for [add a qualifier here] feels like a non-compliment. However, this poses a new set of problems for women age 35 and over in the beauty industry that we are not checking for: The erasure of older women in the beauty industry -- both consumer-wise and spokesperson-wise.

Walgreens' Balance Rewards Program Changed This November and Is Nothing Special Anymore

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My health issues have kept me from blogging but something has stirred up the blogger in me that I wanted to share with you all. If you have been following my blogs about saving while shopping you will notice I bring up Walgreens' Balance Rewards Program often. There was a very good reason for this. I truly felt it was the better of the programs for online shopping, not in-store. Unfortunately, on November 4, 2018, Walgreens changed their policy across the board for redeeming your points.

Review of Ardell Magnetic Lashes Double Demi Wispies

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This month I am dedicating to false eyelashes. This year I took the plunge and gave in to the false eyelash. My first experience was with false magnetic lashes because I had to take some time to search for lash adhesive/glue that would work and be gentle with my skin. My best friend knew I was trying our magnetic lashes so she got a pair of Ardell Magentic Lashes Double Demi Wispies.

UNPOPULAR OPINION: Rihanna's British Vogue Cover Does Create a Beauty Double Standard for Latinas

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I am here with another unpopular opinion about a recent beauty/fashion-related controversy on social media. Remember my unpopular stance about the Marc Jacobs spread in InStyle last year? This time my unpopular opinion involves two style mags and again it deals with cultural double standards. Yes, dammit! So, British Vogue has Rihanna on the cover sporting pencil-thin, drawn on brows. This has caused an issue with our Latina -- specifically Mexican-American -- sisters. This black chick agrees with their issue concerning these brows.

Life Update and August 2018 Blog Theme

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So this post is just what the title says. I will be giving a little personal update and reveal the blog theme for August. If you have been following me on Instagram (@fashionssenseblog) and the blog's FB Page then you may already know the updates. For those who strictly for the blog here is the tea.

How To Never Come Out of Pocket for Luxury Skincare

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This is the final post for my luxury skincare for less series. I saved the hardest and most time-consuming tips for last. I did this because let's face it, most of us have little time to even spar to go shopping in-store or online. So we need to utilize quick ways to save money. However, if you truly want to increase your savings and even end up not coming directly out of pocket for luxury purchase, then you need to put in some work. If you don't have the time then stop right here and review the other three posts in this series. If you do have the time and are not afraid to put in work then read on my lovelies.

Most of My Luxury Beauty Stash are Deluxe Samples and Travel Sizes

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I said this July I would be giving you some the tips and tricks I use to afford luxury skincare. The top way I save on luxury skincare is very simple and also accessible to many of you. Yes, even if you are on a budget.

Can I Get A Rain Check?

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I get my budget shopping gene from my Aunt Shirley. This woman will not go shopping for anything without checking the store circular or weekly ad, clipping coupons, and making sure she has her rewards cards on hand. I remember hearing her talk about rain checks. For years I never asked what a rain check was. After I found out, I realized the rain check is a game changer for in-store shopping.

Adult Acne Sufferers, MD Complete May Be Your Answer To Clearer Skin

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I am 41 and still suffer from adult acne. I mean I had it in my teens, it stopped around my mid-twenties. Then I hit my late thirties and adult acne came to lay claim to my face. I found a product that kept my acne under control but it was not yet able to combat acne after taking antibiotics and being under stress as quickly as I would like it to. So, when the chance arrived to partner with MD Complete, who claimed they could tackle adult acne related to stress, I was ready to test it out.

Use Your Store Program Points to Purchase Luxury Skincare

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In my first luxury for less post, I am going to discuss using your store program points to purchase luxury skincare. I use the term 'Store Program Points' because every store calls their rewards or points programs by different names. I want to show you how you can make the most of them by using the programs I use most often as an example.
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