#MakeupMonday is All About That Summer Glow

Hey, lovelies!

Summer officially begins this week! So, my third most popular look from my Makeup May Instagram challenge is a good one to welcome the season. This popular look is an easy summer glow that does not require foundation. So you get to glow up without weighing your skin down. Plus, I felt this day glow needed a nighttime companion. I will introduce the evening summer glow later on in the post. Now, are you ready to glow up?

Yes, The Carters Dropped a New Video on YouTube and an Album on Tidal

You don't need to know much else so just watch and enjoy the debauchery and iconic fashions (for my die-hard fashion enthusiasts).

#TeaTuesday Why Are People Underwhelmed by the Aaliyah for MAC Collection Dropping June 20th?

Hey, Lovelies!

Okay. I have kind of stayed away from beauty news for a minute but I have been reading and hearing mumblings and grumblings about the Aaliyah for MAC collection debuting June 20th. This is the collaboration MAC did with her family at the petitioned request of her fans. Some of the same fans who are mumbling and grumbling right now. I think people are missing a very crucial element of this collection. That is the fact that it is dated. Yes, I said it. But I did not mean it in a bad way.

#MakeupMonday Featuring My 41st Birthday Makeup Look That Had the Second Highest IG Votes in May 2018

Happy #MakeupMonday, lovelies!

Yes, it is the second Monday in June which means I am featuring the second most liked #MakeupMay look from my Instagram account. This look just so happened to be the second birthday look I created while celebrating my 41st birthday weekend. I did change it up a bit because I had more time this go round to get the look the way I wanted it last month.

#MakeupMonday Featuring the Dark 80s Makeup Look that Received the Most IG Votes in May 2018

Hey lovelies!

Well, this is the first Monday in June and it is time for #MakeupMonday! Today I am featuring the Instagram look from last month that received the most likes. This post won't be long on words but it does have a quick video tutorial to give you inspiration to create a similar look on your own.

The Most Liked #MakeupMay Looks to be Featured on #MakeupMondays this June

Hey lovelies!

I counted the likes yesterday and the results are in. The four makeup looks from last month that received the most likes will be featured every Monday in June on the blog. I will either have a video showing how I created the look or a pictorial of the process.

#MakeupMonday for June's Theme

Hey Lovelies!

If you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook (if not, start now because you are missing out on some good stuff), then you should know what I was up to last month. Just in case you missed it, I decided to post different makeup looks each day. Now some were old for Thursdays and some Fridays to give me and my skin a little break. I received some good feedback on the looks.

Choosing the Right Fabrics to Wear This Summer is Important

Hi, Lovelies!

Last week, I discussed which colors will keep you cooler and more protected for summer. This time around I will touch on which fabrics work better to you cool and protected from the summer sun. Don't worry, I am not going to steer you towards any luxury fabrics that you can't afford. These fabrics can be found at every price point.

How to Use Color to Your Advantage This Summer

Hey, Lovelies!

Some of you might be rolling your eyes after reading the title of this blog post. I am asking that you give this post a chance because it just may make you look at color differently. The colors we wear during the summer can affect our mood, comfort, and skin. So, are you ready to learn how to use color to your advantage this summer? Read on to learn more.

How to Get You Ready for Summer from Head to Toe Fast and on a Budget

Hey, Lovelies!

Moving along with this getting ready for summer series, now it is time to get summer beautified. There is a lot you can do in these few weeks before summer begins. The best part is you don't need to spend an arm and a leg to do so.
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