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Sunday, February 5, 2017

28 Days of Black YouTube: Influencers to Consider Part 1

Periodically, I will feature some black youtubers who are similar to myself. Those of us who have not hit that 1,000-subscriber level yet. I will focus on three black influencers for you lovelies to consider supporting. This time I am using my little space to give these beautiful black women a shout out.


Image Credit: Bnicole G+ profile

Bnicole's channel is still fairly new as far as content is concerned -- she just started uploading about nine months ago. When a channel does not have much content in it you can see the "growing pains" more. I decided to support her because her channel is like mine, she is still working out the kinks. Her content quality has gotten better. As her channel grows, you more than likely will see increased consistency with uploads and content direction. Plus, how cool will it be to rock with a black queen from the baby step stages until he or she hits major status on YouTube? Check out her first video and her most recent one to see how far she has come.


And Now

Ebonyy Beauty

Image Credit: Ebonyy Beauty's Instagram profile

Like Bnicole's channel, Ebonyy Beauty just began uploading about one year ago. So, her channel is fairly new. She is building a steady following. It is evident to see why when you check out her videos. She is primarily makeup with some vlog elements thrown in. I must say I am so amazed at how beautiful this young woman is both with and without makeup. She is flawless both ways. As with Bnicole, I am going to embed her first and latest video so you guys can get a feel for how she has progressed.


And Now

Jillian Felice

Image Credit: Jillian Felice's Instagram Profile

Jillian Felice is a lifestyle YouTuber. She does makeup, hair, and fashion with a dash of personal vlog. She mainly navigates between makeup and fashion videos on her channel. She has been doing this for a while, but has not received much recognition. Take a look at the two videos from her channel I will embed in this post and maybe look a few more on her channel. You just might like what you see.


And Now

These three black YouTubers are still in the baby steps stage of their channels. They are producing content that I think people will enjoy. Black women, in particular, might be able to find something worthwhile from each of these ladies. I know for me, I will try to support women of color who I feel produce content that I can learn from. Also, because our skin tones are so varied I also look for black influencers whose skin tone is similar to mine so I will know what certain products might look like on me. This is important to me because I don't have money to waste. So, if a black influencer can help me decide if a product is worth my dollar or not I want to check them out.

If you like what you have seen from Bnicole, Ebonyy Beauty, and Jillian Felice then subscribe to their channels and like their videos.

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