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Monday, April 6, 2015

Ear Cuffs

There used to be a time when you saw a person with jewelry going from their lobe up to the top of the ear, that meant they had a lot of ear piercings. Today, that is not necessarily true. You can easily get the look of multiple ear piercings without the added pain of getting your ear cartilage pierced. Ear cuffs are the fashion accessory that once was very edgy but took a surprising turn to the realm of pretty, almost dainty jewelry item.

There are a variety of ear cuffs you can purchase and they can come in single cuff or a cuff/stud set. The best thing I love about ear cuffs becoming so trendy is that you do not have spend a lot of money on stylish cuff. Here is a Polyvore set of some ear cuffs styles I think are pretty and interesting.

Ear Cuffs

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