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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Makeup Junkie

“My name is ShawnTe Pierce and I am a makeup junkie.”

I don't wear makeup every day. I mainly wear it when I go out and when I am doing a tutorial. However, I am constantly tempted with makeup offers. I receive a ton of emails with special discounts and other sales on makeup. It takes every ounce of strength for me to ignore them. I am learning to curb my enthusiasm and save my pocketbook. While I am better at not making whimsical purchases, I do have my weaknesses…


Every time I purchase makeup, I always have to get eyeshadow. I can't help it. I think the places I shop at online have realized this because they always include an eyeshadow palette in the emails I get. I have to say e.l.f is the worst with this. Their lunch break specials always feature an eyeshadow palette and I have to quickly delete them. Right now, I have a bunch of eyeshadows I have not even used yet. So I have to ignore sales on them for the time being.


I try to stay stocked up on mascara. I mean you have to toss them out three months after opening because of bacteria and such. Since I stay stocked, I can afford to wait for a good sale to come along. However, when those semi-annual sales arrive and they have an assortment of mascara available, I am like a kid at a candy store. I have to "mother myself" and set a limit for how much I can buy. BUT IT'S SO HARD!


I prefer lipstick because it gives such a richer color but I purchase lip-gloss more often. The reason lip-gloss is a purchase weakness is because it is versatile and easy. Lip-gloss is the item that I can quickly apply to add color to my face. So when those candy-colored glosses are displayed, I have a hard time resisting them.

Are you a makeup junkie? Come on, fess up. What products are your weakness? 

Image Credit: Nordstrom Inc.

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