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Thursday, September 6, 2012


Read my review of the Nicholas K Spring 2013 collection after watching the show and let me know your thoughts on it. My take, it is not a hit nor a miss. It feels more like a transition collection -- going from fall/winter into spring/summer or vice versa -- rather than a straight out spring/summer collection.

To me a spring/summer collection should be lighter and flowy. There can be some structure but not as much as you would find in a fall collection. The Nicholas K collection seemed too drab in color and carried too much bulk for spring/summer. The styling was just off. Also the beauty aspect left something to be desired. I am not sure if women are going to want a yellowish tint to their skin next spring. I doubt many women's websites would back that yellow glow up in their beauty sections either.

Those are my final thoughts on it. Read my full review after watching the show and you be the judge. Am I being too hard or do I bring up some valid points?

Sound off lovelies!

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